High-Performance Application Studies

I worked with Abdul Dakkak and Cheng Li at Illinois on a full-stack performance analasis platform for machine learning software. The same infrastructure is also used to deliver some course projects for GPU programming courses.

I worked with Mert Hidayetoglu at Illinois on GPU acceleration of a massively-parallel tomographic image reconstruction code.

I was part of the IME-Accelerators team for the NCSA PAID program. This program pairs domain scientists with computing specialists to improve effective utilization of the Blue Waters supercomputer at the National Petascale Computing Facility. I have worked on:

  • CUDA Kernel Optimization for AWP with the Southern California Earthquake Center
  • OpenACC Acceleration for SETSM with Ohio State University
Carl Pearson
Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. Candidate

PhD Candidate


A Fast and Massively-Parallel Solver for Multiple-Scattering Tomographic Image Reconstruction

We present a massively-parallel solver for large Helmholtz-type inverse scattering problems. The solver employs the distorted Born …

Comparative Performance Evaluation of Multi-GPU MLFMM Implementation for 2-D VIE Problems

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Scalable Parallel DBIM Solutions of Inverse-Scattering Problems

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Thoughts on Massively-Parallel Heterogeneous Computing for Solving Large Problems

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Large Inverse-Scattering Solutions with DBIM on GPU-Enabled Supercomputers

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Bigger GPUs and Bigger Nodes

GPU Performance Nuggets

Experience from GPU acceleration of scientific code on NCSA Blue Waters